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I dedicate this site to all the composers and songwriters out there. Assuming you own either a Korg X3, Yamaha DX7 or Yamaha TX7 (DX7 in a module), I am hoping you will find this site resourceful. Rather than focusing solely on the hardware, I've designed my site with a broader scope, encompassing the disciplines of composing and song-writing.

As some of you may have noted, at the end of 2000 Geocities pulled the plug on their cgi guestbook, rendering my noticeboard unusable. They did implement a new guestbook, but attempts at adapting it to suit was in vain. For example, it truncated any messages longer than a few lines! Anyway, being a software developer, I decided I would spend my Easter break 2002 coding my own server-side application for managing noticeboards. And here it is, even better than the original! Geocities doesn't support Java Servlets, so I had to shift to a web host that does - www.myjavaserver.com. I will retain my site at Geocities, but when you click on NOTICEBOARD you will automatically be transported to my new site (no need to change your bookmarks).

Next project was to develop my own mailing list application, as ListBot had also decided to can its free service! Where will it end? Anyway, I am pleased to say that this also has been commissioned. I'd like to encourage you to scroll down and join my mailing list, if you haven't already done so. It only takes seconds, and keeps you in touch with interesting information concerning all Korg owners and composers/song-writers. You will receive no more than one E-mail per month, and your E-mail address will not be made available to any other organisation.

I hope your visit is a fruitful one. Good luck for 2010 in realising your musical aspirations, whatever they might be.

Your host,

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